Lower Costs, Improve Quality with Tools and Support for Healthcare Consumers

Compass Professional Health Services provides the price-transparency, quality checks, and patient advocacy that unlock the power of healthcare consumerism. Compass lets employers take advantage of the lower prices within their existing network. In-Network prices vary by 300% locally—that means the same MRI can cost $500 or $1,500 depending on where you go. Compass Health ProTM patient-advocates provide employees with that pricing information along with quality comparisons for medical services. Compass Health Pros continue to support employees with appointment scheduling and other concierge services.

What People Are Saying

“The service has been great. You have exceeded all my expectations! We very much appreciate all your help in the last few months. I can't image not consulting you now before we do any new procedures or start taking new medications. Thank you so much! ”
- Satisfied Compass Customer

Real Results

Mike suffered from asthma, but the doctor he found on his own couldn’t resolve his problems. He contacted his Health ProTM to see if they could help. Mike’s Health Pro was able to explain the type of specialist he needed to see, and set up an appointment with the leading asthma expert in the area.

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